Wedding video 360 booth

Photo Booths with 360 Video for Wedding

The Video 360 Booth is the most exclusive Wedding Photo Booth for Hire, this is the next generation of “photobooths”. Let’s be honest for the last 10 years photo booths have become a common place at weddings and parties, even The Photo Team have their version of the classic photobooth, even though we think our photo booth produced the best quality pictures…

So, it comes as no surprise that The Photo Team have done it again and developed a 360 wedding photo booth hire which is suitable for all types of weddings. We assure you that our 360 wedding photo booths in London are the best experience you and your guests will ever have, with amazing videos that can be shared immediately, which can help the wedding reception trend on social media.

Photo Booths with 360 Video for wedding parties take the guest experience to the next level, we assure that your guests will be wowed. 360 Video Booth Hire for wedding parties will assure your party will be remembered for a very long time, long after your event, and will live online forever.


Wedding 360 Booth Hire

All weddings are special, it doesn’t matter the faith, religious beliefs or cultural origin of the ceremony, a wedding means there will be a wedding celebration and what has become synonymous with so many parties and what most have in common is so many have a Wedding Photo Booth for Hire as part of the celebrations. Let’s be honest, photo booths are all too common these days, we have all had a picture taken in a photo booth at a party. You step inside maybe don a funny prop and then strike a funny pose, and the camera snaps away, capturing some funny pictures, which are printed quickly and serve as a great picture souvenir, which is a great keep’s sake. This has become a staple traditional at so many weddings and parties, but have we every thought what happens to all the prints? They may be kept for a few weeks or a few months at most, but most pictures are poor quality, and that memory is soon forgotten, and the print is disregarded.

It’s time for something new, its already starting to trend at several events, it is a Photo Booths with 360 Video for Wedding parties!

So, I hear you ask what is a 360 Wedding Photo Booths in London? Simply put a 360 Video Booth Hire for Wedding parties is the latest innovation taking place at weddings which is making wedding parties even more fun, parties are not stationary, no one stands still, so why capture the fun with a still photo when a video would be much more entertaining! While the sentiment is the same, it resembles a booth type structure the output and the experience is completely different

360 Wedding photo Booth Hire is a unique way of guests interacting and engaging in a fun activity when they attend a party.

It is really simple, the guest or guests are guided on to a circular platform, its not to high, so both young and old can experience the 360-video booth, the assistant will explain how it works, it takes less then 15 seconds, the special camera will rotate on an arm around the platform recording all movements of the participants on the platform. Our platform is unique as in encompasses a facial and movement recognition software which makes the video more fun, the software will also add special effects to the video together with a predefined music choice, all in all making a great fun video. The final video is made within seconds, using famous TikTok style video effects, and the video can be viewed and downloaded in a matter of seconds, making our service seamless.

Be sure to check the quality of your chosen provider, as NOT all video 360 booths are equal, our 360 booth produces a high quality video, it is also a premium experience because our platforms are of the highest quality together with their unique enclosure systems, many that have seen our 360 booth have likened it to a fair ground experience, and those that have never seen anything like this have thought it was a fairground ride.

Please take a look at the quality of our video, quality does matter especially if it is going to be shared online and represent your event or party!


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