Video360°Booth Pricing

We believe in keeping things simple, that’s why we keep it really simple, a 360° video booth for £300 for 3hrs, everything you need is included!

Our pricing is simple, and everything is included in the one basic price, then you add extras. We understand that price is a key consideration. While there may be cheaper alternatives available, we take pride in offering an affordable price without compromising on the premium quality of our service.

360 Video Booth Hire for £300

A simple cost-effective solution, which delivers the best 360° video experience
£ 300
  • Video 360° Booth, requires 2x2m clear space, minimum headroom 2.1m
  • VIP premium service, our 360 booth is like no other platform on the market
  • 3hrs hire, no external power necessary
  • 4K high-definition video capture
  • LED platform floor
  • Additional perimeter colour LED lighting
  • Unlimited videos during hire, every video is unique
  • Digital branding: logo/key message on 360 video
  • Optional special effects added to video (slow motion/reverse/196 different special effects), making every 360 video unique and different from the previous
  • LIVE instant view and instant download to any mobile device via QR code, every video has a unique QR code for easy confidential download
  • Enthusiastic attendants who set up and will operate the 360 booth, they will make sure everyone gets the most out of the experience young and old, our service has a HYPE person!
  • Fun props

We do not provide this service in marquees, unless there a flat level floor. The unit requires a level surface to operate correctly.

Pricing not applicable for events on Christmas Eve & NYE, please contact us for pricing.

Add on extras, like extra time

Additional 1 hour extra time - £100+vat

Extend the time of operation by 1 hour.

Additional 2 hours extra time - £200+vat

Extend the time of operation by 2 hours.

180 degree enclosure system - £150+vat

This enclosure system adds instant privacy to the 360 video booth experience, this additional add on extra also includes a smoke machine (venue depending), a robo disco light, and a bubble machine. requires 3x3m space and a headroom of 2.3m. The smoke machine, bubbles and disco light available for £75+vat.

Brand the 360 video booth platform with your own logo - £75+vat

Make a real statement and brand the platform with your own logo, this is a great sponsorship opportunity and will ensure everyone using the 360 booth see your brand.

Photo booth pod - £360+vat

Sleek & compact by design meaning that our photo booth pod can fit into the smallest venues and event, but has the capacity to provide a grand service at even the largest events. Provides quality instant prints, Gif's, Boomerangs and video messages.

Quality matters...
If you want to discuss a booking, please call us, 020 7859 4626.

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