Who runs the Video 360 Booth?

The Video 360 Booth is owned and run by The Photo Team.

The Photo Team is a London based specialist event photography and videography company specialising in bespoke professional photography and videography.

The founders of The Photo Team have a real passion for quality, this inspired them to develop the ultimate experience in video 360 booth after seeing the concept at an event.

The Photo Team are one of the leading professional photography and videography companies in London, the quality of our Video360Booth can be seen from the offset, it not only looks better with its led lit platform, unique bespoke designed enclosure system, and perimeter lights, the videos are the best quality you would have seen from any 360 video booth. The video quality is best and what you would expect from a company that has been at the forefront of professional photography and videography for the last 12yrs.
If you don’t believe us, look for yourself.

Compare the difference between our Video360Booth and other providers...

Our Professional Video360Booth


other 360 booth providers

Video360Booth will provide your event with the best 360 booth experience for you and your guests, the volume of providers has grown in recent months, but many of these platforms are cheap looking and the functionality is limited, as you can see in the direct video comparison above. Please don’t be fooled by cheaper service providers who claim to deliver the same premium service as the Video360Booth, they cant and won’t. If you think you can’t afford Video360Booth please do think again, our pricing is only as little £300, and every booking comes with “hype” person to ensure everyone young and old gets the best out of the 360 experience. Ultimately the decision is yours, pick how you want your event to look on social media during and after the event. You are either left with the video like on the right, which will be completely anticlimactic, or chose Video360Booth and have amazing videos of you and your guests which can be instantly downloaded to any smart phone from the event, the video seen on the left is what our 360 video booth produces in less than 30 seconds, remember our video 360 booth adds special effects based on how you move on the platform, every single video is different and unique. 

We definitely know which looks better, do you?

The choice is yours…

Contact the Video360Booth and we will be happy to get you booked in.

the team

Our Creative Video360Booth Team

Our team of experts will help you and your guests get the best experience from your Video360Booth hire. We offer a gold standard customer service experience, and they diverse and multicultural backgrounds mean they have attended events from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, so please don’t worry if your having an event which follows a specific cultural or religious following, all our staff are fully trained and respectful.

They will help all guest get the most of this Video360Booth experience and will provide the appropriate guidance to all guests young and old.