Frequently asked questions

This is a simple one, all, from weddings, parties to corporate conferences as well as product launches, if you want us there, you only need to book our services.

2X2, minimum height 2.1m with no enclosure, 3.5X3.5 with full enclosure.

We allow an hour to set up everything, however in reality the 360 is set up and ready to go in about 30 minutes.

The guest/s step on to the platform, the attendant will give the guest instructions, then the video 360 video arm will rotate around and capture video, this will be instantly edited and special effects added, and the video will be ready in under 30 seconds ready to download to a smart phone via a QR code.

Yes, normally 2 attendants will accompany the booth, and we always send a hype person, who will ensure everyone gets the best our of the video 360 experience.

We keep it really simple, we have one base price which £300, then you can add on extra’s like, more time, etc.

Our 360 video booth produces 4k videos, which are sharp and crisp, and we use specialist editing software which which add instant special effects to the video to make them look even better, this also ensures every single video is unique, look on the about us page to see a comparison.

Of course, young, and old our Video360Booth is suitable for everyone, our attendants are there to guide everyone. We suggest young children are supervised.

Yes, all videos are available immediately, and can be downloaded to a smart phone via QR code. All videos from the event will be added to our online gallery too, where all the guests can view them, and download them from there if they wish. Worried about privacy, no stress, a password can be added to the gallery.

We do, however anything outside London will attract an additional travel cost. Also please remember Central London booking will also attract Congestion Charge/parking fees.

Our 360 is completely self powered, we can run up 3 hours without any power with average use. However if you have a large volume of people attending your event 600+ I would suggest using power, we only require a standard 3 pin plug, our 360 booth uses less power than a laptop. All our equipment is PAT tested, and certified, and we can supply a PLI.