Frequently asked questions

This is a simple one, ALL, from weddings, sporting event, exhibitions, parties to corporate conferences as well as product launches, if you want us there, you only need to book our services.

2X2 metres, minimum height 2.1m

We allow an hour either side of the event for set up and take down, however in reality the 360 is set up and ready to go in about 30 minutes.

The guest/s step on to the platform, the attendant will give the guest instructions, then the video 360 video arm will rotate around and capture video, this will be instantly edited and special effects added, and the video will be ready in under 30 seconds ready to download to a smart phone via a QR code.

Yes, normally 2 attendants will accompany the booth, and we always send a hype person, who will ensure everyone gets the best our of the video 360 experience.

We keep it simple, we have one base price which £300, then you can add on extra’s like, more time, etc. Please see the pricing page

Our 360 video booth produces 4k videos, which are sharp and crisp, and we use specialist editing software which which add instant special effects to the video to make them look even better, this also ensures every single video is unique, look on the about us page to see a comparison.

Of course, young, and old our Video360Booth is suitable for everyone, our attendants are there to guide everyone. We suggest young children are supervised.

Yes, all videos are available immediately, and can be downloaded to a smart phone via QR code. All videos from the event will be added to our online gallery if you have paid for that option.

We do, however anything outside London will attract an additional travel cost. Also please remember Central London booking will also attract a standard £100 additional charge.

We only need a standard plug point, the 360 booth takes less power than the laptop, however our 360 can be self powered, we can run up 3 hours without any power with average use. However if you have a large volume of people attending your event 600+ I would suggest using electrical power, we only require a standard 3 pin plug. All our equipment is PAT tested.

Yes, we will only do so after confirmation of your event.

Yes, we will only do so after confirmation of your event.

Yes, we will only do so after confirmation of your event.

Our booth provides a unique experience with professional-grade equipment (you don’t have to provide your own mobile phone), unique lighting, and special effects. The videos are captivating and shareable across social media platforms​.

We use a QR code method, which works well both android and iPhone mobiles, also each video has a unique QR code.

No, our video sharing is fully GDPR compliant, our QR system does not collect any data.

Our terms and conditions cover aspects like risk of loss, indemnity, prohibited material and activities, and more. You can find the full details on our website​, video360booth.

We feel we charge a reasonable amount for premium service, so we will not give an additional discount, please don’t ask, as a refusal often offends. 

Yes, we offer customisable LED lights, branding on the platform surface, and video personalisation to match your event’s theme, this does cost extra.

Absolutely! You can provide a logo in a transparent PNG file and/or a key message to accompany the logo, and unique music. This option does cost a little extra, but in our opinion worth paying the extra.

The base package includes 3 hours of operation, with additional hours available for £100 each.

Contact our office in the first instance, we will only permit our staff to stay longer if we are in receipt of the additional payment. 

The venue should have a level, hard floor surface and sufficient space for the booth setup. Power supply is recommended for larger events with over 500 guests, and over 3 hours.

Yes, we offer an optional red carpet and VIP enclosure to make your guests feel like they’re attending a top red carpet event, this is an additional cost, please refer to the pricing page.

The booth can be set up outdoors, but the floor should be level. For outdoor setups, we recommend using an enclosure for a better experience, and just in case it rains.

You can secure your booking by completing an online booking form, and paying a £100 deposit for events scheduled more than 6 months in advance, or by paying the full invoice on receipt. 

We accept various payment methods, including direct bank transfers, PayPal, and credit cards. Specific details will be provided during the booking process​.

Yes, you can also check out our Instagram pages for examples of 360 videos our booths creates, @video360booth

Our experienced team ensures a seamless experience and is prepared to handle any issues that might arise during the event​, we carry tools, and all our staff are trained to handle the issues that could arise, we also have a 24/7 technical team that our 360 team team can reach out to to receive further assistance. 

We use professional-grade 4K cameras and specialised editing software to ensure high-quality videos. Additionally, our experienced attendants and directors work diligently to produce unique, engaging videos, remember the Video360Booth is owned and operated by one the leading UK photo and video companies, The Photo Team.

Our team is well-trained to handle technical issues on-site. If the damage is cause intentionally by the user, the 360 team will stop the operation and assess the situation.

This questions is best answered by physics, matter can only occupy so much space at any one time. The attendants will make the final decision, but on average 4 average size people can use the 360 booth at any one time.

Our 360 booths comes with specialised lighting and can be set up in various configurations to accommodate different lighting, including no lighting at all. With regards to space it is your responsibility to ensure there is enough space at the venue.

We strive to exceed customer expectations, but if issues arise, we will work to address them promptly and ensure satisfaction. We are proud of our positive Google reviews and our commitment to customer service​. We are yet to experience anyone that has said they are not happy with the 360 video we have have produced for them.

Potentially, but please review our cancellation policy for specific details and timeframes. We aim to be flexible, but there may be fees depending on the timing of the change​.

We take privacy seriously and use secure systems for storing and sharing videos. This is why we use a non intrusive QR system for downloading videos. We also offer password-protected galleries and adhere to strict data protection policies.

We recommend informing us as soon as possible of any changes or restrictions. Our team will work with you to adapt to changes, but significant adjustments may incur additional costs or require reconfiguration.

We recommend arranging on-site parking for our team to ensure smooth setup and operation. If parking or access issues arise, please inform us in advance so we can make necessary arrangements​.

Most venues have a 3 pin plug, our teams carry extension leads. Our booth is self-powered for up to 3 hours (battery power must be confirmed in advanced, as we do not carry a battery as standard). For uneven flooring, we may need to adjust the setup or decline the setup if it’s unsafe​.

We have a QR function which allows downloads instantly, this works with both android and iPhones.