Bat/Bar Mitzvah video 360 booth

Bat/Bar Mitzvah 360 video booth Hire

The Photo Team have gained a lot of experience over the years working at Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebrations. We have provided several services over several years; however, none have come close to our Bat/Bar Mitzvah 360 video booth Hire. 

This experience is something the guests will enjoy and cherish. The movement captured in our 360 Bat/Bar Mitzvah Video Booth Hire will leave all your guests totally amazed, the videos are totally addictive.

The Bat/Bar Mitzvah 360 video booth Hire London is a totally immersive and inclusive experience for you and all your guests, we believe this is something that will make your event stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for something exclusive, different and a luxury experience the 360 Bat/Bar Mitzvah Video Booth Hire UK will deliver the best engaging first-hand experience which will make your guests feel like VIPs, our friendly yet professional 360 attendants will ensure that you and your guests will have a fantastic experience in our 360 Video Bat/Bar Mitzvah Booth.

The videos come alive, compared to traditional photo booth experiences, why don’t you see for yourself?

Bat/Bar Mitzvah are a special occasion and signifies the coming of age, and to mark this occasion a suitable way to celebrate is a party, and from experience we have attended some amazing parties, and love the cultural celebrations that accompany a Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Our teams have attended a number of functions and we know that our Bat/Bar Mitzvah 360 video booth Hire would be a great addition to any event where there is a celebration. This is an immersive experience and would involve the entire family and additional friends and family. Our Video360Booth platform can accommodate up to 4 people (sometimes more depending on size) to create really fun entertaining videos that everyone will want to share online, just remember we include everything in the booking so everything is hassle free, to make your event as easy as possible.

Bat/Bar Mitzvah 360 video booth Hire London is the most premium 360 experience on the market, and we assure you that you will not find a like for like 360 booth offering the features that our Video360Booth is packed with at a more affordable price.

360 Bat/Bar Mitzvah Video Booth Hire costs from as little as £300, which in the grand scale of things is a bargain price on any level. Our 360 Video Bat/Bar Mitzvah Booth includes everything, from early set up to the staff to attend and run the service. This Video360Booth is the most advanced and superior service you can experience. Our team prides themselves on providing the best customer service, who have vast amount of experience attending all types of events and functions.

When The Photo Team was developing the 360 Bat/Bar Mitzvah Video Booth Hire UK they looked at every aspect to develop the most perfect experience possible, this included looking at what the competition was offering. The team scrutinised every aspect from the platform to the software to the people they employ to run the service, it didn’t stop there they looked and examined the full 360 of the service which included the before, during and after experience. Before the event you will receive nothing but clear, concise, and prompt communication, during the event all our staff will continue to communicate effectively with you and all guests, after the event we will share a gallery of all the videos and request feedback to ensure we can always improve on the service further.

For us communication is everything!

We are really proud of what we have achieve with our unique Video360Booth service, it has already become popular, however we never stop innovating, we are constantly listening to customer feedback and improving the service after every event.

If you’re looking for a memorable addition to your party, one which will engage you and your guests, and leave a lasting foot print of your event for years to come, then Video360Booth is ideal for exactly that, especially with the recently trending TikTok app. The age demographic will really appreciate this service, which will leave you feeling like a superhero!

Contact the Video360Booth and we will be happy to get you booked in.