Birthday video 360 booth

Birthday Photo Booth for Hire

360 video booth for birthday parties is the ultimate experience for parties no matter what the age of the person celebrating their birthday.

The Birthday Photo Booth for Hire from The Photo Team is guaranteed to make you and your guests have a completely different experience to the typical photo booths that have been seen over the last 10 years. 360 video booth rental for birthday parties ensures that your party becomes as unique as you and your party, the video experience is a completely fun encounter and watching the videos back is extremely addictive, your guests will love watching back the video from the event.

Take a look at the 360 birthday video booth hire UK in action and judge for yourself whether your party can be without our 360 booth.

Party Party Party!

360 video booth for Birthday parties is the ideal way to celebrate any age party. Whether it is a milestone birthday or any age birthday the 360 booth is an amazing booth to have at the occasion.

Birthday Photo Booth for Hire is now the old school way of marking a birthday, its done, it had its day, it is now time for the new generation of marking an event, Birthday 360 video Booth for Hire is the ultimate experience at your event, all your guests and family will enjoy the experience. The videos that are produced are the highest quality fun videos and will definitely help make your event trend on social media. The videos are so good the guests will be proud and want to share their video with the nearest and dearest as soon as possible. Let’s be honest we are now living in the digital age and we all want everything yesterday, that why the 360 Video Booth Rental for Birthday is a the perfect way to celebrate a birthday celebration. The 360 booth is designed to be an immersive experience, all guests will relish and enjoy the experience, for some it will their first experience which makes this even more great, everyone remembers their ‘first time’.

By booking searching out 360 Birthday Video Booth Hire UK you find video360booth, which has the best 360 booth available on the market, from the high-quality platform and enclosure system to the actual level of service you and your guests will experience, which will immediately lift your event to a luxury event with a VIP feel.

Our booth stands out from the rest, the quality of the booth and video is premium in direct comparison to other 360 service providers. Our unique triangle light with 4k camera is a key difference, other lesser 360 suppliers will use a tablet of old mobile phone, and just a standard cheap ring light. We use state of the art professional grade equipment, you must remember our 360 service is the only 360 service that is run by The Photo Team, which is a leading premium professional photography and videography company in London, so you can expect the best of engineering technology as well as the upmost level of customer service.

Our 360 booth is designed specially with our users in mind, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Our platform has LED lights which will match the colour theme of your event, so even before your guests experiences the 360 booth they will see the level of high quality from the offset. To enhance the experience even more we have perimeter LED lighting which can also be set to match the colour theme of your event. The 360 platform also can come with a unique enclosure system, which adds extra privacy but also enhances the video backdrop. Our 360 platform is unique, and we assure you that you will not find a more affordable 360 booth with the same quality of features of Video360Booth.

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